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Libyan Writer Ghoma

Sunday, 19 February, 2006


By: Ghoma

        Dictatorship is an abnormal condition, like a disease, never is or be will seen, treated, or accepted as a normal condition. In societal terms, it's a relapse to an earlier phase when humans were closer to, if not in, a stage of savagery and barbarism. The strong subjects, controls, and devours the rest. It's a bizarre condition under which people pass their daily lives without really living. It permeates the daily lives of each and everyone within its reach until it becomes almost a normal and natural phenomenon, numbs the sensory organs, and blurs the consciences. Its diffused aura makes it almost run unnoticeable unless and until something abnormal, extraordinary, or outrageous happens. Such event shocks the slumbering mass and returns it, perhaps for only a short flick of memory, to realize its real conditions, that it lives under a humongous repressive machine. Perhaps that's one way history is made since such occurrences goad the dormant juggernaut to bring it back to consciousness! But that's too optimistic wish, given the reality of Libyans' long atrophy and stiffness to an almost irreversible point! Perhaps some may think such a statement is only an exaggeration! on par of what Westerners long held cultural stereotyping, of an alleged Arab and Easterners in general, sense of hyperbole and lack of realism when and where truth needs to be accounted for?

        No, there's no exaggerations when one deals with Libya, for the observed facts are beyond doubts and overwhelms any oberservant. The dictatorship has reached a point of no return! It's arrived there soaked in blood and gore. Qaddafi well knew for quite a while now that his regime has exhausted its time and became part of the problem rather than the solution. The regime knows also its unwelcome status puts it on a permanent mode of defensive posture, if not on the offensive, and thus knows it's a matter of life or death for it. Therefore, what has taken place in Benghazi on February 17, 2006, was not an aberration and out of the ordinary happening, corrigible with the state's usual stock-in-trade tools -resignations, investigations, prosecutions, etc.- but rather by drastic measures that go all the way up the food chain, and which accepts no excuses or and takes no prisoners. The buck stops somewhere and it's in Qaddafi's desk.. Even though what took place is, for some, a normal dirty wash that used to be hanged to dry in private courtyards and for still unexplained circumstances has gotten exposed all at once to the outside world. What has just taken place in this city, was taking place on daily basis, in the rest of the country for the last 37 years. It's true that only few occurrences could be compared to the Friday Massacre, because of their piecemeal nature: one dead hither, many arrested and imprisoned thither, few killed here, and many others wiped there, all kept under hush, wrapped up in secrecy, by the state's apparently well oiled gears repressive apparatuses; went unnoticed by the outside world, until unfortunately for the regime, this time, when all the chicken has to roost, all the dirt and grime collected itself together in one day to expose the regime once and for all to what it really is and what it's all about: A MURDEROUS AND KILLER REGIME! No qualifications e needed to be added for such characterization.

        Opening fire with live ammunitions on protesters is no ordinary act but a true murderous act, any respectable state wouldn't revert to, under any circumstances, without dire consequences for such a state -unless, of course, it's a repressive state like most of the so-called Muslim states, then it's considered an ordinary lore which is part of the day's work.. Felling down, in cold blood, 11 lives of your own citizens, to protect some empty building is an outrageous act of the first degree murder. There's no if, but, or because for such a crime! What only adds salt to injury, when the building-to-be-protected belongs to a country with rivers of Libyan blood on its hands, that's, the consulate of the quasi fascist coalition ruling today in Italy! Of all countries in the world, the Italian consulate, is the least place worthy a drop of Libyan, and for that matter anybody else's, blood, not whole full-blown lives wasted on the altar of Fascism on both sides. The fascist regime in Libya comes to the rescue of another fascist's cove of blood-suckers, spies, and what have-you, on an end-of-the-week holiday when the little munchkins were not even there. What one makes of such schizophrenic behavior? Overprotective, paranoiac, and scared to death behavior of an obsequious and cowed regime? It wouldn't enter within the merely panicked gestures of a lousy police force or a sloppy way of handling what every state faces of daily basis?

        It's all these plus a ton of other reasons why some dregs of the earth have been put to make live and death decisions on the spot. Given that everyone knows that the "head of this regime is rotten" then where were the so-called lawyers-turned-police-officers? Were they not supposed to know something about the laws, rights and duties of the citizens and not just being rude, crude, and raw hitters on the streets and policing? And who, in such conditions, protects the unprotected from the nastiness and meanness of the reckless and ignorant of the minimum rules and ethics in the conduct of their duties. Qaddafi can scream from here to Hell about people's security is in their hands and the nonsense drivel, he's guilty as sin and has the blood of these as well as all the other victims of his regime, until he gets out of his phony tent and face the piper: by telling Libyans and the world how things work in his chaotic Jamahiriyya. Who gave the orders to do what and where was he when such orders were given?


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