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الكاتب الليبي غومة

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Friday, 18 March, 2011


By: Ghoma

        Dictators, throughout history, have sold themselves as staunch patriotic leaders whose love of country drove them to power. Their high-sounding emotional appeals promised to correct the wrongs done to their countries or avenge their humiliations. Dictators spring up in times of crises or uncertainties and thus are prone to use a high-pitched rhetoric to inflame the multitude against real or imagined enemies. With often times no more than far-fetched fabrications dictators succeeded in bamboozling good part of their fellow countryfolks to elist as their followers to pursue what amount to no more than some unrealizabl schemes and fantastic hollow dreams. All of this to create a political order, sui generis, where law, order, accountability and responsibility become absent -mere abstract concepts perahps heard of but never practiced. Thus dictators come to fashion their own imaginary world and end up living in it too. That may defy logic but only in abstract since dictators, by definition, are also rabble-rousers, given to excessive emotional discharges which often times drove them to disregard any limits to their actions! And actions without moral or legal constraints, are the conditio sine qua non for dictators' existence. But, dictators' disregard of moral or legal codes while espoused publicly wrapped in revolutionary packages which would hide their true nature and intent until the day when hell breaks loose and come exposed without their proverbial figleaf: the revolutionary rhetoric. In times of crisis thus the exercise of raw power comes as a logical consequence since crude and cruel methods were ways used to bring the regime to esistence and to keep the dictatorship going. However, the heavy use of force not always successful in achieving the desired results since violence would only precipitate the crisis further to points of no return. Reckless toughness wouldn't solve a political crisis but rather hasten its breaking the camel's back when no way out was left to maneuver, as is taking place nowadays in Libya, thus the fight must go on to its ultimate logical consequences: the uprooting of Qaddafi's regime. But with a caveat: A challenged dictator is no better than a cornered feral animal, both will fight to the bitter end without even a modicum of a sense of proportion, and thus go for broke. As it's happened it didn't take much for Qaddafi's reputed hardheartedness and vindicative propensity to crwal out of any bounds and go for the kill. And in the absence of any tempering agent -either from his family or from his cronies- that congenital recklessness keeps feeding his rancor which is fast driving the country into what might be its worst nightmares.

        Qaddafi's long years in power have not tempered his uncouth bachground nor instilled some sense of wisdom to help him in times like these. After 42 years of rabble-rousing gibberish, he's still unworldly, a prophincial hick! The first time he's faced with a serious threat to his tight grip on power, he went beserk and lost all his senses by turning what might haven been a peaceful protest into a fullblown war. His recklessness and lack of management skills have turned what initially appeared to be no more than a disorganized run-of-the-mill spontaneous protest into a revolutionary uprising and thus an international crisis. He and his family -no matter what experiences and levels of education attained!- have demonstrated their lack of any crisis management skills whatsoever. Libyan crisis has exposed the dictator's foolishness to the public. Qaddafi's inebriated with arrogance, despite his long stay in power, never learned how to use peaceful means to solve political problems, rather when challenged his first and last resort was straight to violent means. In this, Qaddafi -despite his claims of being no more than a mere bystander to the show of govenment- thus will join, in history, all those dictators, from Franco to Pol Pot and Idi Amin Dada, as the one who's plunged his country into a horrid nightmare without giving a second of thought to its terrible consequences. The sad part of Qaddafi's actions was the heavy use of the most lethal weapons in his arsenals against civilians which have left him with no room for maneuvering and thus has put the world's conscience in front of a difficult test.

        The irony of all ironies is that Qaddafi, the claimed rebel against the traditional state machine, the first major crisis he met, left him with no other recourse but to use this same machine to keep himself afloat. In panic, he gathered all what he could of his dilapidated war machine and unleashed its fire on disarmed people. As the latest to join the list of the most notorious abusers of their people, just like those who preceded him in the murder enterprise, Qaddafi seems to have no qualms in using the state's resources against his own country. Why all the rage? For no other reason than Libyans have dared asking him to leave after 42 years in the driver's seat. When such a crisis had taken place in other semi-decent countries, unlike Libya! their dictators had no other recourse but to resort to some commonsensical way out that had their extrication out of power without further mayhems. Though the whole mess was done in a hurry and without even thanking or goodbyes to their peoples, in the case of Ben Ali, while General Mubarak (sic) had lacked enough courage to face his people and submit his resignation! What about Qaddafi? Total disappointment! He didn't even measure up to Ben Ali or Mubarak but bared his decayed teeth ready for the kill! The minute the crisis broke Qaddafi went into high gear and took to the arms to fight his fellow countryfolks. Commonsense would have dictated to Qaddafi to thank Libyans for tolerating his unusual style of ruling them for all these decades, an then withdraw peacefully into the sunset of his life. Instead Qaddafi, being out of sync as he is, of both people and time, has excoriated his fellow Libyans for being all kinds of low lives. And then unleashed his thugs and mercenaries to punish them for voicing what in many countries of this world is still considered a God-given right to say: Enough is enough. Libyans have been wispering all these years to themselves that one day will This Enough will reach a point of no return to put an end to all the crazed behaviors and delusional fantasies of this dictator-run-amok! Thus the time has come now for him to leave before what is left of Libyans' patience comes to an end and everything then will go to pots. When push comes to shove all will lose what little bearings still have and come to blows, then what? The country, Qaddafi, and all Libyans will be losers. No one, certainly from Qaddafi's side, seemed to have taken a deep breath and thought for a second, for the current tragedy, not to say mulled ove the question: What's all about? For Libya and Libyans, it's a matter of their freedoms. For Qaddafi, it's a matter of his wounded silly pride, blinded, of course, by his umlimited greed for power! Between these, which of the two has to give?

        If Qaddafi was endowed even with a modicum of decency he'd have listened to international appeals and would have eased a bit his iron grip on the areas he's still holding hostages, and put an end to his ferocious rampages across the liberated areas. Would he and his family get in time to their senses and stop the slaughter? Would they see the devastations: The people who're dying are Libyans, the propery lost is Libyan, and since Qaddafi's clan has maintained to be Libyans, the question is: Why then this absurd war? Wars usually are waged against enemies. Has Qaddafi declared already his enmity to Libya and Libyans? If not then for Whoever's sake he must stop this wasteful and unnecessary war. Qaddafi must get hold of himself for a second to see what's at stake here. And unless Qaddafi plans is to join Osama bin Laden's hiding places, unless he hurries in putting an end to this carnage he's unleashed, most of world will be off limits to him and his family, and the doors will close forever to accepting him as a refugee? What remains available to him is the fate of Milosevic!

        The most horrifying scenario is the one in which Qaddafi reasserts his control over the liberated areas. If Qaddafi ever regains total control of the whole country again, there will be certainly a massacre of humongous proportions? After having massacred a good part of Libyans Qaddafi will challenege the world to dare him and do anything about it. There and then not only he'd have succeeded in imposing himself again with the forve of guns but also in the process he would have stumped on the world's conscience and has showed the world's inability to stand to the bullies and prevent slaughters. If this comes to pass the whole world will suffer and will regret its indecision to act in time . For such a stand will only give the greenlight to present and future tin-pot dictators, when challeneged to go ahead and wipe out their opponenets and good part of their populations without serious consequences.


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