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Libyan Writer Ghoma
الكاتب الليبي غـومة

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Wednesday, 16 May, 2007


By: Ghoma

        News of the colonel's stroke and his going into coma have filled the air waves as well as the Internet chatter rooms and blogs. A Palestinian News Agency has reported the colonel's falling into deep coma, lying in one of what would be by- name-only hospital -in the absence of a better name!- and one can imagine surrounded by a helter-skelter of rookies in white coats, who go under the name, in other parts of the world, of doctors, but in Libya sallaleen el-qaloob! Many of the schmos, inside and outside, took a deep breath of relief, that an era is coming to an end. But as usual, as they say, the wind blows from the directions the ships don't like. However, to the disappointment of the many who're waiting for the Lord's just retribution, the scoop may perhaps turn out to be a well-thought about 'trick'.

        The colonel doesn't rest. He's always scheming, trying to be one step, if not many steps, ahead of the herd, just in case. He seems to be busy these days with concocting one of the most risky yet highly sophisticated tricks, out of his many sleeves, that of seeing what happens in case of a harm has reached him or even he's passed away. Who makes the first move, who waits, and who does what? All these questions are in need to some answers if the colonel is going to sleep the night. One way to find out is to spread rumors and leak out real or presumed malaises. It's called, in one-man-show country, the hero practicing and perfecting his own power drill(s)? Like everything in this world, power transition, as anything else that involves the security and safety of large numbers of people is in need from time to time to be tried and to be put into temporary usage, to test how things will go, whether they follow their pre-designated paths or veer toward something else completely unpredicted or unpredictable.

        Contrary to what some folks think, the colonel has outsmarted many and has abandoned what allegedly has been his modus operandi all these years, that's, apres moi le deluge. There's a good room for guessing that there's something going on, folks! The colonel is thinking about his mortality and has put a Plan in place for post-Qaddafi arrangement. If what has been reported this week, about his health, was not true, then it must be either a good coincidence or one of those difficult to trace leaks that served its purposes well. The chances that the whole thing was a bogus, a fabricated lie from some neophyte, or disgruntled reporter(s), or worst a nemesis state's intelligence, which has an ax to grind with the colonel, are slight indeed. If for no other reasons, fear for the reporters, and loss of face and some credibility for the state. Reporters will be lucky if they just got fired from their jobs on the spot, and not be simultaneously tracked by the colonel's will-trained blood hounds and bounty hunters of his many intelligence agencies. As to the animus state and its intelligence apparatus, both risk bruising their credibility, for no apparent gain.

        In a state like Libya, where there's only one rooster among the millions of chickens, there must be a plan prescribing how the new rooster will be concocted and anointed to power. As things stand now, there's no designated heir to the throne, it's true there're potential chicks who may grow up to be roosters in the country. Either one of his progeny steps up to plate and grows fast to roostership or someone else has to be chosen for the surgical operation -or just injection of testosterone is enough!- to convert the chicken into what would appear as a rooster to inherit the mantle and perpetuate the tradition of one-rooster-in-the-country rule. The good news is, the presumption of, there's already a plan for handling the power transfer. The bad news is no one, except the colonel and maybe few others, know its details. Except for his minions, the rest of the country has to wait until the minute anything happens to the colonel, then whatever it's will go into action: the Plan and soon we'll know who's the lucky one to be the next rooster!

        To confuse his many detractors, gain some knowledge about who will do what, and let everyone else guessing, the colonel, as usual is outsmarting everybody perhaps even himself too, by making these false alarms and drills. As anyone who's ever lived in a dorm knows, after few false fire alarms, not many will bother to take them seriously anymore. The more of them, false alarms, the least people will heed their call. That's the whole point, in the case of the colonel. And thus, there will be enough time for his Plan to work and for the executor(s) to do the job according to prescribed steps.

        What about if it was true? Then either God or the schmeggeggges will figure out what's going to take place. Most probably not much. The shock and the following relief will give enough time for someone to declare himself the lord of the ring, and everything will go on as usual. A lot of bitching and more babies will be born, and everyone will repeat: it's God's will. He Who'd created Humans, Reason, and Order, has also created the Eye-rabians.


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