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Libyan Writer Ghoma
الكاتب الليبي غـومة

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Wednesday, 14 March, 2007


Some of Them Have Popped Up In the Desert of Libya....!

By: Ghoma

        Paleontology tells the story of the Neanderthals. A middle paleolithic creature with resembling man. Homo Neanderthalensis lived in Europe and Southwest Asia (the Middle East) some eons of years ago. Most probably its original birthplace was on the Black Continent, Africa, and had trekked from there through Southwest Asia to Europe. Being a hot-blooded creatures apparently those who'd ventured beyond the tropical zone slowly died out of weather related conditions. It's now known with certain certainty the fate which befell the European branch of the family: extinction. Remains found recently in the Alps tell of how they'd vanished a long awhile ago. But no one knows exactly what had happened to the ones who stayed behind, in the Middle East. The conjecture is some are still there and others, with close resemblance, if not exactly the same, perhaps only clones? have been spotted lately, from all the places, in Libya? If that's any help or consolation, remember that old dead-Greek who said: " From Libya comes the new!" The fact, as strange as it may sound, they're even found atop one of the highest rungs of that country's political ladder! How that has happened? Perhaps only the skills and dedications of a variety of specialists, with plenty of money and time on their hands, will, hopefully, shed some light on the puzzle and decipher the mystery. If truth be told, it'd not be difficult, notwithstanding the predictable excuses many practitioners who will use every delay tactic for an urgent need to their fields's services, or to find out the truth about living with long dead and fossilized, or just mummified country-"men". As for instance, archeologists, may excuse themselves that they cannot deal with what appears as living entities though, supposedly long extinct, unless and until they're able to dissect some of them and compare the brain sizes and the rest of the constituent elements. Anthropologists may object to the definition that these creatures belong to the species anthropos and have a culture to be studied. Carbon daters, cannot use their techniques since these presumably have not been carbonized enough, due to the claim of being still alive, and so forth and so on. But if all were pressed to give in some thought and to forge ahead without delay then all will also need the help of forensics experts, phrenologists, anatomical anthropologists, as well as geneticists, and most importantly glottologists and lingo-paleontologists to deconstruct and reconstruct their communications' skills and decipher the barely heard murmurings whether they belong to any known and extinct languages in particular or just some instinctual gestures similar to what some other primates use when they're in distress?

        For, lately some of them who've taken refuge in that misnamed entity which goes by the name of the Libyan Government, the General People's Committee, not having that much to do beside issuing some strange and stinky sounds, with ranges between growls and grunts, now and then. Some have attributed to such undecipherable balderdash more than what it really was! For terms such as: enactment, decree, order, law, have been heard and used. Though whatever else such a mumbo-jumbo could muster, this time around it can't be spared the embarrassment, if not more, such an ineffectual organ, which is in the habit, from time to time, to emit nasty growls, and noxious odors. But the opinions are divided between those who say it was just some neutral gas and others who contend it's only mere drones from indigestion. Here's where the specialists can help to clarify whether what these creatures heard utterings come to anything, mean something or just an issuance of an accumulated gas upwardly, contrary to both the law of gravity and to what evolution has brought to homo sapiens! The decree, which, the respected Neanderthals, have called a "regulatory measure", was about women. Mind you, not to spoil them by a gift or a bouquet of flowers but rather -since these folks historically were never known for their softness nor less for their romantic escapees- to add few knots to the hobbles already chaining them. The species known for its toughness, and had it with any form of softness altogether; in their ranks, women are still considered either spoils of war or mere prey for the predators to fall on during both easy and hard times. So, they've decreed, after have claimed their kingdom of residence is the best of all possible worlds, that no woman, under age of 40, is to leave their heavenly paradise without some of them to accompany her. In other words, women below the age of 40 years are banned from traveling abroad by themselves, alone without an assigned guardian! Why exactly this age group? The guess is maybe the science of these guys has discovered that Libyan women are species sui generis, they reach precociously their menopause faster and earlier than their sisters in the rest of the world who due perhaps to evolutionary luck are reaching it at a later age? After that age, again according the specious science, all woman's lights are off and all urges die; they're a spent product. Be that as it may, women below the age cannot travel outside the country -what about inside, here goes tourism! without a male guardian. Why? What fault they're at? Presumably, because of the entrepreneurship fever ravaging the country for a while now some Libyan girls have taken that proposition very seriously and went hitting the sidewalks of some worldly cities practicing one of the oldest professions and selling the only product they were allowed to leave the country with.

        Of course, in the tradition of the Neanderthals, they're no guilty or innocents among the female gender, they're all guilty until they prove their innocence. Source of shame and embarrassments! A bad crop isn't worth the few good apples, burn the whole thing, who cares they're only females, they don't have feelings! For that was apparently how they reasoned. They don't distinguish or no one told them that collective punishment has been banished long time ago. But for this species means nothing, they're still living in their own barbaric and savagery times. If few women have committed some untoward mistakes, wouldn't those be because of the way the Neanderthals' designed system works: from the family to the schooling, etc. besides, none of them though or anyone else said, what about the boys: Has anyone ascertained of their innocence, no honky-panky, no hassling or street hawking.

        Now, one asks are these people serious or just funny? By what reason, divine or prosaic, has the Mother of all Committees, reached its verdict: first to ban only women; and then to put its trust in the male species particularly the one named Homo Libicus to watch after them? Have they and did they make sure and consulted with these guardians if they do want, can, and are worthy of the tasks they're asked to carry on? And who guard the guards? Anyone made a survey of what Libyan males are doing, if not on the sidewalks, then in the cafes and other mundane places of same capitals they're talking about? And why a group of males who're still entombing their women alive in what are euphemistically referred to as "earthly graves" and wrap them up in ragged shrouds whenever they're exposed to the fresh air or sun, have such qualities of watchfulness, vigilance, wisdom and commonsense to qualify them to be the trustees of their victims? In any reasonable system of law, these would be barred from even coming close to women, unless and until they've admitted their mistakes and took a solemn oath to never repeat such outrageous and outlandish offences against their female counterparts again, before they let them accompany women in any outings?

        One hesitates before talking about serious stuff with the Neanderthals! Should we talk about political and human rights? What about their culture? Should we condemn the culture of discrimination against anything to do with female gender? Should we mention the rampant chauvinism which seems to have taken a permanent abode in that parched land? Should we decry what a bunch of emasculated males are capable of doing? And recommend to all of them to read F. Fannon's seminal works in which he warned against exactly the behaviors these folks are exhibiting: the oppressed turn against the weak among them to revenge their oppression.

        They talk about reform! How to reform Neanderthals? Don't they need to evolve few notches up first! Don't they need some schooling on the way how systems, institutions, and societies in general are set up and run. Do they need to be reminded that between intentions and deeds there are oceans, as Italians would ay. The roads to hell were paved with good intentions. If their "Government" is still in the habit of making such decisions, then they certainly have ways to go just to prove they belong to the species Homo Spiens!

        If what's in the Jamahiriya can be called and deserve the epithet of Government, then the point here is not to urge this government to ban equally but rather to brood on its decisions. Easy remedies may appear attractive but they're deceptive. Wrong measures, punitive measures lead only to further complications and problems. Banning any group of citizens not only is a denial of their political and human rights but also puts limitation on their freedom of movement thus for their living qualities and standards. Discrimination comes in different forms but the lowest is because of color or gender. Equality among all, is not to be anymore a hypothetical slogan, but rather should be, must be, a working reality. To those who took such a decision -even if news reports has it to be rescinded, should be persecuted to the full extent of the law, made example of and been forced out of their positions, ranks, and whatever has accrued due to their being at the center of power. They must be banned from traveling for the rest of their lives. And the Big Bobba himself Qaddafi? He cannot hide from responsibility and wash this stain on his minions, as usual. They wouldn't have taken such a drastic and draconian step if they knew he wouldn't agree. They read his mind well and they know his dark side too For under his watch, and perhaps by his urgings, the Committee has denied to a good part of the population its birthright right. The funny, the ironic, and the tragic in the same time is that for once or more than once, the old nemesis, the Greenies and the Islamists, have found a cause celebre, a common grounds to stand on! Where their interests perhaps diverge, their dogmas certainly meet on few points: considering people minors in need of guardians, denying individuals the freedom to decide, pitting group against another and one gender over the other, etc... the sad thing, these days thesis and antithesis, revolutionaries and reactionaries have come to agree on at least one thing, that's, to oppress their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters! Paternalism of the state condescends -connives!- with the self-righteous of the religious dogmas to treat people as mere chattel, a flock, and they're the assigned shepherds! Keeping their "honor" in this world and saving their behinds in the other at the expense of who, you guessed it, women! What kind monsters these must be? And from what holes, or from under which stones, the beasts are popping up to pull everyone else into their borrows, darkness, and to turn the clock back into the Stone Age?


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