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Wednesday, 13 August, 2008


By: Ghoma

"This was what was left of a human individual when you take away
his home, his family, his friends, his city, his country, his world:
a being without a context, whose past had faded, whose future was
bleak, an entity stripped of name, of meaning, of the whole of life
except a temporary beating of heart."
                            Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence

        The commotion and brouhaha on Saif’s riffs were beyond pale and went pouring over the rim to flood whatever little reason still remains at the disposition of the so-called opposition-cum-reformers. All agog parsing every dot and comma, right and left, up and down, looking for clues and cues to implications or lack of them that lie hidden in what was taken as a many layered fertile speech, albeit its rhetorical folderol.

The group mentality has finally settled on a way, after years of straying in the wilderness, that would lead the herd toward their goal. Saif said this. Saif did that. Saif went to the bathroom! Saif wanted to right the wrongs and set the twisted straight again, and so on and so forth, continued the froth of the ineffectual opposition and their echo-chamber quick spinners, politely were called also ‘writers’! Plainly the Son is becoming all things to all people. The redeemer the country has been waiting for. But considering who’s still in the saddle, the makers of history are not suddenly going to accept being its victims too? Nonetheless, magic, miracles and supernatural occurrences are what still fuel the minds of many who’re pursuing such a course. The bankrupted gang(s) was finally relieved to have found something to chew on until the next manna from heaven comes down tumbling their way to give them again some more fodder to ruminate on, and so continues the saga of an ailed society and its so-called "elites!" This found pie-in-the-sky gift, voice of the oppressed and hope of the wronged comes to resemble more and more a deux de machina, the proverbial veritable Knight on the White Horse of the poplar lore, whose sudden appearance will be matched only his magic of righting what vexed the place. The denouement-in-waiting, has just entered a town named Libya, impersonating the sign of a new beginning; that from now on things are going to be different. So hold on to your horses folks, gullible and skeptics alike must not lose hope for the wait, for the help, is on its way. The dealmakers have finally struck a bargain, lock, stock, and barrel, with no questions asked or caveats advanced. Not even one ‘thou shall not,’ what is going on?

Is the opposition dead or just naive enough -or just started following those on the inside who’re no different from those in Plato’s parable of the Cave? Out of despair, fatigue and/or lack of imagination, a glimpse of light from a crack of light opens some whole possibilities of traveling into the rest of the universe. This optimistic view, however, hasn’t contemplated long enough what’s the probability of an Arab-ruling-family to reform itself? Maybe Hollywood’s craze of the culture of celebrity has wreaked havoc with both sides of the fence: in their puppet-parroting of whatever goes on in the gossip industry as accomplished facts of life. Perhaps it’s prudent to take into account that the Arab-ruling-families have already not only discovered but even mastered Hollywood’s main axiom: there’re no-good publicity and bad-publicity, there’s only publicity, period! As such they act their best to stay on the limelight and if not they’d invent a way to get in. Qaddafi & Sons, Inc., are no strangers to a media craze, and were well aware of such techniques to ignore their effectiveness.

Sciences and their byproducts have long established that humans like everything else in the universe can be manipulated and worked-on like any other raw material. [Just ask the marketing folks or their counterparts in the wholistic fields of health, wealth, and healers of the spirit.] That there’s no certainty in the universe (Heisenberg Principle), was well taken, and thus much less in human affaires. The observer and the observed are intertwined, and each influences the other. Thus not only what humans wish is what they’ll get, but what they’ll get is what they’d worked for. Perception forms reality or Marshall McLuhan’s the medium is the message. What the promotion industry, called also marketing, has long discovered to be true, humans are gullible to promises and images of nirvana. Positive images of democracy, human rights, fairness, and rule of law have always worked in doping the multitude to lay their guards off and to take any air still left in their sails and thus sending back into their slumber.

Acting in unison, at the behest of the Elder Qaddafi, the Son has worked himself out and effectively has truly become as a god, multiheaded and even multilimbed! They ain’t anymore only boys & girls but full-blown sharers of power & wealth with their Dad. The Boys, who behave as if they’ve been born to rule, have come of age, and each has carved his/her own niche in the family farm, to wield power and its correlate wealth, left and right. They’ve become, like the Father, little gods, despots-in-waiting, of the future. The sad fact is to realize that poor benighted Libya and some of its Libyans, have fallen on their heads, once again, to buy into the excesses of sweet talk. The game, though, this time around has been worked a bit differently and updated with the materials of the age, sold on the international market as, make-belief images. Pity Libya and thy people for their dictators are no more just simpletons and ignorant dunces, but sophisticated Ph.D. holders and trend watchers.

One almost is tempted to say that the Saif phenomenon was created by the so-called "opposition," when for reasons still unclear had figured out that the only thing the Middle East is known for is the knack to make deals. Call it a long established bazaar tradition but this crop of bargainers have surpassed their ancestors, who’d bargained withe enslavers just to remain in the game. The hudge-pudge dealers-and-wheelers have just tapped into, albeit the long sojourn in the West nonetheless, what makes the area tick. Evidently they differ very little from their predecessors in grasping any straws of hope which will vindicate their deals and justify their way blown sacrifices and thus raise them into the rank s of the chosen icons and national heros against whatever. Once again history is written, but by whom? By those who have big mouths, long tongues but very little encumbrances in between!


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