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Friday, 12 September, 2008

What a Joke Libya Has Become...!

By: Ghoma

        The Son-of-his-Father, Saif, is following in the footsteps of the Father-to-his-Son, Muammer, in creating facts out of thin air. Full with all the warts and fanfare! In an oasis, in the middle of Sahara, like a stand-up comedian, showing off his magic and sleighs of hand, the Junior dictator has woven few dramas, spun some stories, and foretold of relieves to come. Just as in 1001 Arabian Nights, the tall yarns didn’t lack the usual twists and turns, ups and downs, suspense and expectation their audience crave for. And like his Quixotical father, the Son-to-his-Father, the new Knight Errant, has confused fiction for fact son the ground and the imagined for the real; not only he dreamt of solutions to though real problems, which in the process have gone imagined. It’s fate, or only bad luck of Libya to have end-to-end two made up farces: tragedians in the garb of comedians. Maybe erosions, natural or man-made, have bared some fossils of a bygone funnier species of homo-Libicus. Homo-Libicus’harsh desert sun had dried the juices of his brain The Qaddafi clan appears to be beneficiary of some mutations of that same creature. The other guess, is perhaps these funnier-than-usual duo, were some latest re-incarnation of a past form of life, long disappeared, and never turned into some form of fossil fuels, transmogrified into full blown Bedouins. What’s going on these days between the funny duo of Libya, the Father and Son is Hollywood’s stuff, indeed. Hard to imagine it if it’s not there. They’ve finally mastered the art of Hollywood, that’s, humans like to be lied to. And thus, Qaddafi & Sons, Inc, have learnt how to create fresh dramas every now and then and how to find solutions to them too. The mock juts keeps piling when the created mess would require its own created likewise messy solutions. And to boot, while they never admit the created mess, they would always be willing and anxious to take the credit for the finding of the solutions to the created messes. And the show goes on...

        Late August is always a time of suspense. As the temperature in the desert reach its height, the Qaddafis start on their sit-com shows. Year-after-year, problems pop up around this time and solutions as well. Remember here we’re talking fictions in installments. No real problem will ever be touched and no real solution will ever be advanced. The real ones will be outsourced to some over-night operator in search of quick buck. Since Libyans, both rulers and ruled, feel, by Nature’ grace, are being entitled to keep their own ways from being infringed upon by reason or hard work.

        So the Son-of-his-Father has just finished the assigned job and is withdrawing to whatever, presumably a philanthropist life! What was this job and who had appointed him to do it is still not very clear? One day he’s a philanthropist, another secretary of state, and a third he’s a reformer. All of these activities were taking place outside of the range of government function, call them, if you will, a shadow or parallel government activities. Has anyone else beside his-Father was aware of the Son having his own turf? And from all the noises, creating mostly through proxies and sidekicks, he was not even happy with the assigned turf and he wanted to reform what his daddy has messed up in 40-years.

        The sidekicks, mostly employed by the Son, in his own created media empire and some other opportunists, living outside of the country, have never asked the simple question: Under what protocols, earthly or skyward, someone with no institutional position could not only meddle in the business of governing but most of all mobilize the resources of the entire country to his use? When these same resources were not even available to the same use by the head of the government, or any of its office-holders. To this day, no one, beside the Father-Son duo, could call for mass meetings and could also dispose of the media to air his rumblings. On top of this, some people are not only willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but still insist of calling the dust he’s stirring around as ‘Reform’ to the carnival his dad has been playing hawking around for quiet some time now, without much success! What a joke, indeed?

        How to reform, what one has been doing, has been the perennial unanswered quest, even God, in his presumed vast wisdom, had left open to question. From know thyself to AAA-12 steps are all directed towards getting hold of the problem before attempting to find a solution to it. It’s been said that one has to step out of the circle to see its roundedness. How could the Son, who’s immersed in the system to his pate and is product as well as a beneficiary of it bounty, see, a- what’s wrong with it; and b- change it. Any change, if it’s for real and just cosmetics, will have to curtail the family and the clan from wrecking havoc with the state and its resources. Would they, can they bite on the hand that feeds them? It never has happened before, why one expects to happen now, again from all places in Libya.

        The funny thing, while Saif was ripping the state apart and proving its cartoonish mettle, that’s, its ineffectuality, he had also the gall, or the guts, to criticize his other fellow Arab kleptocrats and to describe them as denizens of the “forest of dictatorships!” One wonders, if the rest of the Arabstans were a forest of dictatorships, then what Libya would be? Won’t Libya be, for sure, has long qualified for at least being a founding member of the “desert dictatorships?” Or just another case of the kettle calling the pot black? or as they say in that nick of the desert, the camel doesn’t see the crookedness of his neck! What slight differences might have existed between the autocrats of the Middle Eastern statelets, their progenies and siblings have made sure, they were mere cosmetics. Raw nepotism rules supreme and still holds sway, regardless of the flowery nomenclatures of kingdoms, sheikdoms, sultanates, emirates, republics, and even Jamahiriyahs. Over the entire arc where the call-to-prayer rises five-times a day the habitual submissiveness to God had long been transmuted to that of the ruler(s)! Perhaps only a mere coincidence, but there’s no smoke without some fire behind it! No wonder, the area is perhaps the only locality with its own epithet and denomination: that of being a world on its own! The Arab World. Is it because Arabs were totally out of sync with the rest of the world or just not many could figure out or understand what the heck was going on with them? Not even the Chinese or Indians got that distinction!

        Where did Son get authority, bravery, acumen, inspiration, etc. from? And how these came to be applied into a mess? A working system wouldn’t have necessitated a lot of these superlatives but a non-system, a joke of a state, would need perhaps more than the brain powers from Socrates to Jefferson and everyone in between who’s worked on the ideas of a state and its systems. Both the Father and the Son have tried to hone their skills and sharpen their political senses too early in the game. The result so far was catastrophic for Libya. No working state, resources depleted and no money saved or human skills developed.

        It’s still not easy to understanding, whether or not such blatant pretense, accompanied by as much arrogance, was due to the de facto political vacuum or to the culture other-worldly mode . Indeed, it’ll be long before any of self-appointed literati would deem it worthwhile to come down from hovering over the stratosphere and use some of their presumed talents to dig out the dirt covering the structural problems gnawing at both political and cultural levels. To Scrounge and stumble into theoretical subjects, without a method or frame of reference, does no more than what a hack doctor’s advise to a cancerous patient. Perhaps is a way to self-censorship, dealing with subjects that have little relevance to whoever reads them.

        Otherwise someone should have told the Son to shut up for he already far exceeded the level of decency. Actually, since the beginning he was a part of the problem and there’s no in this world that he’ll be also part of the solution. Things in real world differ a bit from what they may appear in theory. His mere presence is an usurpation of public will. No one appointed Saif to anything nor he’s accountable to anyone except perhaps his daddy. Then how could such a person do or say anything worth listening to. He is deep up to his ears, in the mess his dad has created and either not knowing it or just playing the phoney the game of an outsider. Reminiscent to American politicians, after spending good part of their lives in Washington, DC, they run under the banner I come to clean the mess in Washington! It takes one insider to know what to clean and what not to touch, the so-called “Red Lines!” My dad is a red line, ergo I’m a red line too!

        The Qaddafis had created the problem(s) and now they’re on their way to solve it . The only problem with this scenario was the solution has required a lot of money on top of the humiliations of Libya. What the Qaddafis did? They’ve drawn the money from the treasury and swallowed their pride, while the humiliation is still stuck on every Libyan. It’s still time to ask: Was it unavoidable to run into such a problem? All indications point to have been created out of clumsiness if not outright idiocy by the same players now are wising enough to have recognized the mistakes though without saying so and willing to find a solution. The bad part, all this, with no apology or any stepping down or aside to let someone else clean the mess left behind and start a new page. No, they still insist, a la Arab way, to dirty their own hands again and sweep the dirt under the rug, so they can get all the credit they want for “solving” the problems they’ve created.

        Qaddafi & Company, Inc. is getting a facelift these days. From a forgotten and fossilized dictatorship to a one with renewed image and energy. By brushing some of its lethargy and letting the new generation to mount the center stage its handlers are hoping to offer new brands to its consumers. The latest of which was the Son as a reformer and democrat. From Libya comes the new, who said that? Way to go Libya!


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