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Libyan Writer Ghoma
الكاتب الليبي غومة

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Sunday, 6 February, 2011


By: Ghoma

        The not-very-throbbing heart of the Arab body is beating out of order these last few days. The center of the Arab World is aflame with no firefighters in sight! The various Arab statelets each is busy in its own misery. What about Egyptian state institutions? They're as fragile as that egomaniac, Mubarakm, who still runs them. Mubarak is borrowing a page of the book of that infamous and much loathed tyrant, Nero, in foolishly letting Egypt burn down rather than to let go of his own egocentricity. As the unscripted drama in Tahrir Square -and in the many other squares across that vast stretch of desert bisected by a River- keeps thickening by the minute, it keeps also unfolding in tragic acts of terror with no end in sight. And as the ranks of the disenchanted and disenfranchized Egyptians kept swelling, the humiliated regime kept digging its heels deeper and deeper in that notorious Pharaonic muck of suppression and oppression. As to the third party in this drama, the military? It's still hedging its bets and standing witness to the devastations. All has pushed the uprising to anteing up its demands: the total uprooting of Mubarak's regime. Thus dislodging Mubarak and dismantling his military regime have become the holy grail of the intifadha. Where this may lead to? To no clear ends yet! Nontheless, people's wisdom and their yearning for freedom have yet a chance to be tested.

Events in the last few days have left fewer alternatives for the regime out of putting its tail between its legs and hit for the door. The fact remains, however, that it's still controlling the reins of power and thus it's foreseeable that it'll put them to use and crush the uprising into smithereens. the revolt is now facing one of two scenarios: either to fizzle and fade away as an aberration of history or to stubbornly stand and continue until the making of history. If the latter ever comes to pass, the uprising then has to upgrade itself into fullblown Revolution. To paparphrase Mao Zedong, " A revolution is no picnic!" As long as neither the Palace of Versaille nor the Bastille have been stormed Louis XVI of Egypt has many arrows left in his quiver to do much harm and suffering. Perhaps the time has come for all conscientious Egyptians to think about 'Revolutionary Justice!' and the only remedy for the sins of tyranny still is the guillotine?

As the impasse prolongs, and time passes unfortunately fast, this will only give to both the regime and its allies, internals and externals, enough rime to regroup, organize, and concoct a way to turn the wheels back to where they were rolling. Cosmetic touches, notwithstanding. The come back of the phony and crony was already underway. The Americans, i.e. CIA, are busy writing some make-believe scenarios. The singsong of democracy and its refrains aside. Camouflaging Mubarak in a new garb, will be the center of the plot. A faux Mubarak, in a masked face, Sulieman or his likes for instrance will carry on until a more reliable replacement was found to save that great nation of Egypt. For, in the hegemonic calculations, Egypt is of paramount importance to the whole Western alliance's designs for the Middle East to let go easily. Egypt has been the gate and pillar to the domination of the entire Arab World and indeed the rest of the Middle East. The screams and shouts were already were loud, from everywhere "Who's lost Egypt!" Liberals, Zionists, Conservatives and their brethren an sisters are squeezing the Obama Administration to forego repeating the Carter's unforgivable sin, that of 'losing of Iran!'

The trick now is how to find a face-saving way to let Mubarak slips into the sunset without causing much uproar in the rest of Protectorates. As the old face slips into the background, a newly annointed Centurian will take the center stage. The crux of the plan is to avoid scaring the daylight out of the local other goons, vassals, and puppets of the wretched Arabian fables. The task in next few weeks is therefore to ease Mubarak down into oblivion without appearing to give him order to do so. The Empire's worries are that the Qaddafs, the Salihs, the Butafliqas, the Abdallahs, and the rest of the herd may panic and foolishly embark on some plans of their own. This is a case where the Empire can strike again!

The 'Egyptian Revolution' and the 'Tunisian Revolution' are in danger of turning into circus carnivals. As the World Newsmedia is pitching its camping gear for the long haul ready to carry on its mandate, that's to spread scences of mayhem and disorder, which, only will add more pressure on decision-making circles to hasten for solutions to what has been dubbed the 'Tunisian Jasmine' and its stepsister the'Egyptian Crisis'. The tools of opinion-makers are not shying away from insinuating to the decison-makers the time factor and thus some fix to the situation be found fast before it goes out of control. The reporters have kept their cameras rolling, even as they're hiding, to relay images which affirm the volatility of the situation. These infomercials' outfits have finally hit upon a live situation that would rival their staled 'Realty Shows.' The world audiences are finally entertainted with unmonkeyed with live images from the squares of Egypt, or were they?

A lot has been said about the role of Technology in all these uprisings. It's true technology may have made it easier to connect and brought people together but all soulless means's destiny is to remain mute. The various thingamajigs were never designed to think, nor ever will have the ability to lead. Thus while the multitude gathers its center is big vacuum! As Technology connects people with each other, it also fragments them into units of their own. Technology's halo gives an impression, though false, of empowering each one in his own way. In both the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings the groups that came together appear to have remained separate in thought and imagination. So far no consensus beyond the departure of the despot have been reached. The future still for grabs! In both cases the oppositions have yet to show a concerted and unison imagination. The paths to the future may differ but only those that intersect and cross over each other may form the viable path to unified vision. People may think and act differently and separately but they must come together in seeing one future. The wise of the Orient had said one hand doesn't clap. Individuals don't substitute for the collective action. And as the law of synergy says, the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts! Perhaps it's time for Tunisians and Egyptians to refresh their memories on what Americans, French, Russsians, Chinese, etc. before them went through and what they'd to face with while carrying on their respective revolutions. But no matter what never to let some version of that old Corsican petty officer (Napoleon) to steal the show and abort the tremendous efforts spent so far.


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