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Sunday, 5 August, 2007

Like Father, Like Son!   Oddballs Are Always Screwballs!

By: Ghoma

        The more one ponders the reality of the Arabstans in general and Libya in particular, the more one realizes how ominous and deep their predicaments' reach. How, for instance, they seem not to share in this world, where the majority of humans reside and do their daily chores, but pertain to a rather whole different den of their own. They do in fact appear to inhabit a world of their own, perhaps not even on this planet! Otherwise how one could explain the latest negotiated 'weapons deal' between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the USA? Why a bunch of tribes whose people still have to learn how to wipe their behinds would buy weapons with smart bombs, etc.? When in fact the deal will only make their long admitted, little fought, enemy, Israel stronger? Or, were they sold, bought, on the idea that they can stand up to the Iranians, that's, they'll be able to fight them with the fruits of this deal? Just remember, not long ago, when Saddam had belched, or farted! What's happened and indeed how panicked were they all, I mean, all those wrapped-heads scurrying around which way in their long-wide white, gray, and the rest of the rainbow specter robes, begging Uncle Sam to come and save them from their alleged modern nemesis, the imaginary Hajjaj of Baghdad?

        As to Libya! What a country? God had created the world and made an exception to his ingeniousness, by creating a place called Libya! Libyans do prove there's an exception to everything including the oft-flaunted God's perfection. They do roll when they supposed to rock and when the going gets tough -and contrary to some alleged historical claims of Libyans getting tougher- instead more likely was to flap, sag and sap. After raising their hands high, up in the air, and giving up the quixotic fights by surrendering their alleged WMD, they're now trying once again to resume their old habit of collecting the developed world junked weapons just to let them further collect dust and rust in the desert. This time not only they've signed some weapons' deals with France, and from whomever is ready to spare some scraps out of their junkyards, but have also asked France, innocent, fuzzball, and peace-loving France, out of the whole wide world! for what else? for 'protection' in case Libya was attacked! Who's going to attack Libya? Its neighbors? Are the Frenchy going to protect Libyans from the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Algerians, the Chadians, or the Sudanese? Pick and choose!

        Through all their recorded history, Libyans, were never known for being funny or for being story tellers and less good for that - if you aren't sure just leaf through few pages of one of the supposedly major story tellers of the country, el-Kuni's endless streams of the same murky screeds! So one asks why have they tried, that's, to make a story and to tell it? THE STORY OF THE BULGARIANS! Eight + years of hot-air charades: accusations and indictments, investigations, law trials, verdicts, court reviews and conformations, etc. and the list can go on...For what? Humbugs or chasing phantoms? Mobilizing the resources of a state for more than 8-years, with law-enforcement officers, lawyers, courts, and judges; mass-media and higher state institutional reviewers, et cetera, etc.... What was they all doing this time? Editing the phony scripts? Or just, collating, conflating, and pasting? And how many of the so-called officers of the bar, judges, Lawyers, court clerics, etc. were in the know-how, made aware of the yarn that was being woven? Has any one of these presumable custodians of the country's collective wisdom, sense of justice, and moral integrity wise enough, brave enough, to say enough to this charade, I wouldn't be part of it? Did they all go along for the ride? Were the regime, and its minions, that naive to think they could blackmail the West? To trick the West for making a historical swap: an exchange for what the Libyans had admitted and paid compensation for, Lockerbie's crimes, and its convicted perpetrator, by holding five nurses + a doc as hostages? Or, the smarty-aleckses were only interested in getting some chips to bargain with? Machiavellian machinations with Faustian morality! The conundrum still remains where to put human empathy and sympathy, which all humans supposedly to have some nuggets of them in the genes folks! in this whole affair? Where all the boastful shows of pity and the brandishing of the Quran as the Constitution went? What's happened to all the manifest religiosity, which still blinds them from seeing themselves as being part of this world, and where did it go? One can go on with this line of thought to nauseam, but you got the drift... The facts of the case, the AIDS/HIV's case, are still as obscure as the day the tragedy exploded! After all who's stupid enough, in a plainly bizarre and eccentric regime, to waste time, and look after the truth?

        Once upon a time, in not far away land, Tuscany, there lived a man by the name of Cimabue [Benvenuto De Giuseppe (c.1240- c.1302)]. He was an artist, and an excellent one in that, after all he was the master and tutor of Giotto. The only thing wrong with him was, though, every time he tried to do something, he bungled and fumbled, and so his reputation rested more for the fumbles and blunders than for his artistic achievements. In other words, just like the Colonel & Company, Lm. being a clumsy yoke was more enduring than being a great artist. In popular Italian culture, Cimabue, today, is known more for his seemingly magisterial screwing ups than for likewise great works of art. And that's how he became the embodiment of the blunderer royal. In their saying: Povero Cimabue fa una cosa e ne sbaglia due (Poor Cimabue does one thing and makes two mistakes). Hasn't Libya, in its attempt to vindicating itself from one of the many bad stains on its forehead, added few more? Didn't it come out as a ruthless bargain hunter, if not a reckless maker of shady deals? Haven't Libyans come out as liars and torturers? And hasn't Libya, so far, done enough, to perhaps merit the Cimabue's reputation, among the nations of the globe, as the bungler royal? Hasn't every time embarked on anything at all, made, not one or two but plenty of them, mistakes, to last her for the duration of time?

        This all has happened when Libya used to have only one oddball noggin. Now that screwball has cultivated his seeds around and they've spawned little saplings of oddballs, the problem is snowballing by the minute to even further bigger and worse. As one screwball was not enough, more of them were hatched and on their way of making more of the same. As if one screwball has not made enough damages, of screwups and worse, for the future millennia to deal with, time and luck haven't treated Libya nicely, at all when it added to its dole another up-and-coming screwball royal: The Son(s)! The eccentric blunderer royal has gotten his progeny to go around, as they indeed genetically must be inclined or conditioned? to do more of the screwups than poor Libya can handle. Even though, for the time being, it seems, the active screwballs are at least two of them, the Father & the Son, on the helm holding the shaggy boat's rudder, the steering-wheel, so to speak, which's not only has been rattling and tossing, but it appears to be heading straight to the sand bars of not far coast. The Junior oddball, like his mentor, has a big mouth, and not unlike a sewage system one never knows in advance what would come of it next, he believes he knows it all; so he's no need for assistants and assistance from anyone, say! people familiar with political schmoozing, legal liabilities, communication, or PR spinning. So he's just opened a pandora box for future liabilities. By the time he's got there, in Paris, and opened that maw of his, and started jawing left and right, as if he's in his dad's sound insulated, bug cleared infamous million-dollar's tent. And what did he say to Reuters News Agency, Le Monde, et al.? That the whole scandalous affair with the poor nurses and the doctor was a farce, a fabricated invention - and to boot came out of the dry sands and winds of the desert's imagination! In other words, a charade was put together for who-knows-what. The liberties and lives of 6-people were denied and put in jeopardy for no one knows, at this point what purpose(s) or benefit(s)? Are these people psychopaths with twisted minds, bizarre logic, and truly evil minds to entrap innocent humans willfully, intentionally, and purposefully, for no other reason except to cover somebody's behind? But as they say Nature, Time or the Schmandifeer have come to the rescue, this time, to vindicate the weak and to expose the inept. Whoever was involved in this sham soap-opera, from the top down to the last janitor, must be prosecuted and put on trial in front of the international court for crimes against humanity. They deserved the guillotine, as far as I'm concerned, though I'm not in favor of capital punishment, I'd make an exception this time around! These folks must be made examples of bad humans - if for no other purposes than to prevent other future miscreants like them from emulating their malfeasances- to having knowingly and wittingly not only accused and indicted but have fabricated and presented evidence on six innocent people to having committed them into the lowest of seven-layered of Dante's jaunt into the bowels of Hell; and what's more, was apparently just for the heck of it. What else? Unless these folks don't belong to the species homo sapiens! Not least, for their lack of normal human feelings and sensibilities toward other fellow human beings.

        How to square the circle? The head of the government, the so-called Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister, were put in display, in front of the reporters' cameras, to make their spins of the events, and ridicule of themselves a bit in the process, while the Son was spreading "truths" and sackfuls of them, left and right, to the international press, contradicting what the 'official line' and the spokesmen of the regime were saying. Ain't this a poster-boy dysfunctional family or what? Methinks, they must have thought it. They're now embarking on a plan B! Let the so-called "Reformists" and Old-guard "Conservatives" duke it out in the open in front of the world -after all the world is a stage!- but the puppeteers' royal, the Elder Wise-man, will always hold the strings directing the various puppets to perform whatever roles they're assigned to them. The Elder and by now must he thinks of himself also as the Wise-man if not of all Africa, then only of small Libya, has reserved to himself, the last word in the matter. The gist of it, neither Left nor Right shall have any say when it comes to power, the Army is still lurking, if not in the foreground, then in the background, in its bivouacs and barracks! Just think of what has taken place in Benghazi, when some folks had tried to test the regime's resoluteness -when it comes to crushing the rubble, by using all what it's of raw and brute force in its disposal- a little over a year ago, when the Army moved in no time to crush those poor people and badly? This is still the bitter fact, the rest is all for the laugh!

        One more thing that came of this latest botched attempt to appear responsible, moderate, and humane! If, for quite some time Libya has behaved as a mouse but talked as an elephant, now the time has come to face the piper and be what truly it is: no more nor less than a Bambi-state, a chicken state, or more bluntly a certified banana-state; which is ready and willing to ask for patronage, even with a price ( i.e., a vassal state status) and to offer its services to whoever is ready to pick up the bait?


More Articles Written By Ghoma

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