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Sunday, 4 October, 2009

QADDAFI’s " We Were Here!" Between Kitsch and Slapstick :
The Clown Has Made Fool of Himself

By: Ghoma

        Now that Qaddafi is a certified moron, the question becomes how such a dope lasted this long. Perhaps his foolishness and buffoonery have helped shield his eccentricity; thus, made him look less dangerous in the eyes of those pulling the strings of this world. Anyone who watched, on some of American Cable Channels, the fake-guru ridiculous histrionics would have seen how miserable, shabby, and shaggy his performances were; and would have also realized how sad Libyan state must to have such a nutcase at its helm. A guy who couldn’t articulate a coherent thought not least meet the questioner subtle but nonetheless sharp pinches. Poor Qaddafi, he cannot help it! Fundamentally he’s no more nor less than a primitive Beduin to the bone, in body and mind, camouflaged in the various exotic garbs he so fondly sashays in. The tent-mania becomes just another fetish used more out of an innate state of mind than a purposeful sign of genuine simplicity or devotion to tradition. Beduinism, beyond its historical stage and cultural legacy, is a state of mind. This, left to its own devices, perpetuates an illusive reality no longer attainable. Its afflicted thus live, like in an incubus, in a world of their own. After more than 40-years of unbridled power, Qaddafi the Beduin has not been able to escape the deceptive allure of simplemindedness. It appears, Beduinism dominates Qaddafi behaviors. All appurtenances of power have not substantively changed what was ingrained early on in childhood: Beduin’s simple life echoing his environment, the desert! Needless to say a person of such traits would lack the subtlety to distinguish between oversimplification and banality.

        And so an afflicted mind, it is! All the years, all the hobnobbing, and all the schmoozing have not been to overcome the traits ingrained. A case where nurture has bent in front of nature, perhaps? Either out of plain idiocy or unwillingness to conform, Qaddafi has done away with the protocols, if not commonsensical, ‘for each setting there’s a saying’ (leekullon maqaamon maqaal), or how to behave outside of his own tent. For, stepping up on the podium of the UN, the world’s best known stage, shouldn’t be taken lightly, particularly when the image and reputation of millions of people are at stake. Moreover, on top of all that blither of his, to boot, neither his attire nor the combination or color, not to mention the heavy and badly applied make-up, and everything in between, have been designed and applied with sensitivities and savoir-faire worthy of a politician addressing the world. For Qaddafi knew the cameras will beam his mugs around the globe. That carelessness, nay lack of sophistication! has certainly exerted a heavy cost to his image -ignorance is expensive- and backfired on him, for his trip was a total flop. All these things combined have done else except to bring in vivid images the looney reputation he’s accumulated through the years. Out of control, shambling in his cloaks, with whirling flashes of incoherent thoughts, a nervous-wreck Don Quixote turned into 21st century Klingon, rummaging through scattered papers, to destroy this edifice and erect that in its place. A later day Roman Caesar came to straighten the world, a resurrected Messiah to right its wrongs.

        It’s the first time that a "Libyan-head-of-state," has addressed the UN General Assembly, though on behalf of Africa, only to wish that it never has happened. His buffoonery, verged on virtually uncontrolled diarrhea, of shindy not many were able to follow or understand or cared to listen to. For 96-minutes his free-wheeling of rumbled harangues went around in circles touching on everything and nothing in particular. Diatribes, moaning, bitching, and the usual smart-aleck snipes of 3-world losers, a concise and meaningful discourse do not make. Though the UN’s General Assembly is open to whoever happens to be at the helm of any member state, not many give a rat’s arse to what is said there. The UN is full of hot gas, so venting wouldn’t be out of place, just as in Hyde Park blowing, as the Anointed-One has described it. But if it’s so, why Qaddafi was eager to grab The UN’s microphones to lecture the world about how should and shouldn’t conduct business, in the same time that he was chastising and denigrating the Organization about its sins? The irony is there were plenty of legitimate grains in Qaddafi’s tirade, though buried deep under the husks of an hour-and-half of guff.

        Not many would dispute the fact that the UN in its 64-years of life has come short of its mandate, nor is it in dire need of reform. What is controversial is how is it going to be reformed, how to give it some claws, and make it more functional and efficient. Such questions are to be addressed, not let’s bury the UN as we know it. Reducing its membership to regional groupings raises more questions than answer any of the old ones. Such a complex organization is no different from a state, once its guts and gears are taken apart, is no easy matter to put them back. Just think of all the failed states including, from Iraq to Afghanistan and Somali in between, etc. Nation-building has proven to be the toughest nut to crack. International groupings, outside of military alliances, have no armies to send them in case of need, so why will such clustering be any different the UN today.

        Poor Muammer, just like that Italian character, Cimabue, who as the saying goes, in trying to do one thing right, makes two things wrong. Qaddafi’s attempt to draw attention to Africa’s plight has further laid bare the poor state of Africa’s leadership. His call for reparation got mixed up in globs of conspiracies, from viruses, to assassinations, and even piracy, and beyond! The question that begs itself: How Africa ‘s past plunders and its present turmoils could be served by getting into other people’s and nations local issues? Does Africa need this confusing tirade to claim its place in the community of nations? And has Africa been well served in trusting a guy like Qaddafi to speak on its behalf and air its grievances?

        Unfortunately for Africans Africa still is what it always was. Qaddafi has only added a little bit of moisture to an already muddied conditions. Africa, the only continent still not in sync with the rest of the world. Mangled in its millennial tribal customs, manners, and ways of thinking, Africa today is unable to feed its people or to deal with its problems, and in need of all the help it could get. Notwithstanding the laughable folksy style, Qaddafi’s impersonating an elderly African chieftain -calling Obama my son- has the effect to reinforce those images of Africa still in the primal stages of human awareness, and how so far back African societies are from the mainstream of humanity. His sputtering vitriol about the world unfairness, maybe cathartic, but isn’t going to change the world’s mind about its guilt or the lack of it. Qaddafi’s ravings sounded no more than hollow grievings, done out of frustrations, rather sound principles.

        Anyway, after all the fog has cleared what will remain on the record about Qaddafi’s first visit to the UN’s Security Council is his childish note: "We are here!" After romping around like a kid, and enough swiveling in the Libyan seat, he jutted down, on the Council’s visiting register, the three words that by now have made headlines around the globe to the detriment of their mutterer. What a memorable phrase? Its hollowness and triviality would fit that famous saying: kept quiet for an era and when he talked uttered nonsense! But his drivel has saturated the earth’s atmosphere and brimmed over maybe to other planets. A scratch fit for an exhausted hiker to leave behind on some cliff of a mountaintop, or a snoozing student, in a boring class, dawdle down on the desk, rather than a grizzled despot who has been in power for more than 4-decades!

        The squeaks that went unheard! Qaddafi came to the UN to conquer, but his manners and gaudy swagger betrayed his as mere demagogue. His noise at General Assembly no echo and no ears to hear it. Got what he deserved! Schadenfreude. A slap on the face to a tyrant, boasting of his extraordinary skill in keeping his grip on power for so long. The peacock was not embarrassed of his in-your-face- nepotism when shambling around escorted by his son, as his National Security Advisor! (Yeah right, his regime’s security is the only Libyan National Security concern?). Not to talk about the caliber of his minions and goons, poor idiots! couldn’t even buy him few square yards to pitch the freaking Tent even from a Zionist Bubba. However, they brought him some shouting students, after promising them $$$ to prop up the moral of the depressed leader. With all expenses covered, the poor students had shown up only to sign their names and then disappeared into the rarified ether of Gotham. After 40-years, Muammer is still in need to pay his supporter, even in America! And he still thinks of himself as God’s last miracle after that of Creation itself! What a wretched humanity must be that’s waiting to be rescued by an eccentric like Qaddafi?


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