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Friday, 2 May, 2008


By: Ghoma

        Last week, when Libyan representative in the UN Security Council compared Israel's actions in Gaza to the Nazi Concentration Camps during WWII, all hell broke loose, and the Western representative's one by one took off their earpieces and headed for the door, led by, of course, who else? but the French! Oh, me! The Frogs had now, finally, reached the stage when they could display moral posturings a galore, after all they'd done from Haiti to Tahiti, onto Indochina, Algeria, and rest of the lucky ones receiving the brunt of their "Missions Civilizatrice!" In the area of lecturing and moral posturing, the West's hypocrisy is mind-boggling, and second to none. Perhaps because the West has always availed itself with that very nifty and as it turned out effective approach: "Speak softly but carry a big stick! Some of the absolute sureness of their stands and a lack of any hint of ambiguity are perhaps due to Westerns being fully aware of the fact that, today as it's always been, to keep the upper hand in world affairs they've to meet the ethical muster and stand high and tall on the moral-pedestal. That's why they're also so ostensibly bent on keeping their moral grounds as clear and as free from confusions by warding off any utterance that may inject some doubts or increase suspicions which would shake the firm stands they took and continued taking. Thus all Westerns are in cahoots in exhibiting ultra- sensitive thin skins particularly when it comes to areas that involve moral failings! -in contrast to their exhibiting thick skins when it comes to areas of general concerns and civilizational shortcomings!- a weakness that may hint to a deeply felt malaise, and may also add more mysteries to already muddled events and narratives. Thus all the obfuscations that ensue anytime a mention made of anything that may remind them and others not only of the ruthless methods they'd applied in blundering and subjugating good parts of the globe and the moral failings accompanying such campaigns, but also of the systemic abetting of such acts of cruelties and persecutions by their present proxies and allies.

        Notwithstanding the charades and the ostensible fierce competition and indignation, on who's faster to express those fake emotions and shed some of those crocodile tears, particularly in front of cameras, when one of those words, which by now have become taboos, i.e. Holocaust, Concentration Camps, Genocide, etc. uttered in public fora, though the historical records are unambiguously clear on the facts that there were very few and far in between of such gross violations to Human Rights, Discriminations, Genocides, etc. carried on systematically and on a world's scale by any other than the Western powers themselves. Therefore, the exaggerated decrying of violent acts and the bemoaning of abuses to many rights, the world over, but in the Occupied Lands of Palestine, may raise more puzzling questions than reveal Westerns' concerns for Human Rights. Actually these overstated stances may constitute one of those psychological fig-leaves the purposes of which to hide the suppressed feelings of guilt -and another way to ward off their share of blame in the intricate mess they'd deliberately worked hard to create!- than a product of emotions of remorse to what took place awhile back in their midst Otherwise it's beyond comprehension why this Westerns' quasi total disregard to anything and everything dealing with the Palestine blight! As if Palestinians were all of their own species, not belonging to homo sapiens, and thus not deserving of the usual empathy and sympathy humans extend to their fellow beings! The West's overblown soft hearts (and humane treatments) usually accorded to victims of gross violations, be they humans or animals were somehow lacking when it comes to Arab victims!

        Palestinians, long maligned and dehumanized by the West as if they were congenital 'terrorists' have lost any protection from of the agencies they control! They've been denied the usual compassion, humans feel about the sufferings of living beings, in particular humans. In the Western view, Palestinians had incurred the wrath of the civilized world when they'd refused to be the sacrificial lamb for the West's own redemption. The Palestinians' defiance to immolate themselves on the historical altars of Moses and Jesus had enraged the West to the point of looking seriously for a "final solution," to what has become a truly vexatious and pestering open wound, comes what it may! The West's historical approach to Palestinian tragedy was, at the beginning, it'll go away, but when it didn't, they turned the problem on its head, that's, the victims became the pariah villains and the guilty part! Thus Palestinians appear to be losing on all accounts and from all sides, even their own brethren are shying away from their help, or so the story the West has concocted goes. If only they'll disappear somehow, theirs will be a good riddance! The West never cared less!

        Though the West has long boasted and lectured the rest of humanity about its civilization pillars, amongst which individual responsibility and guilt as the mainstay, however, this principle seems to either has been ignored or not to be exported beyond the borders of the Western World. Otherwise how this deliberate closing of the eyes and ears when it comes to the practices of their pampered offspring, Israel, and its uses of methods, well if not identical to Nazis' and Fascists' practices, then are in flagrant contrast to Westren logic and practices, to be tolerated and justified? When Israel metes collective punishment to whole people, 1.5 million of them, because few humiliated, oppressed, and angry individuals out of pure hopelessness and helplessness have lopped some homemade duds into the other side of the desert? Israeli total blockades to Gaza Strip for, Oh God! almost forever by now, makes of Gaza, without exaggeration, the biggest prison on earth! A full-blown Concentration Camp, with guards on all sides including the sky. Though, perhaps, the West's allergenic to anything that smacks of such horrific acts as the Nazi Concentration Camps, their persistent refusal to look what's taking place nowadays in the Gaza Strip, straight with clear eyes in the so-called post-Holocaust world, is no less shameful stand.

        Gaza Strip, and indeed the rest of the occupied lands of Palestine, has been constantly blockaded and embargoed, harassed, bombarded day and night, and the world expects the Gazans to sit tight and to accept their fate with resignation and perhaps thank whoever brought them on their knees! Such Israeli tactics, with Westren consent and support, aim at nothing else but to starve Palestinians to total surrender and the giving up of their right to a homeland. Thus, only addicted to aggression, such as the belligerent West, who's continuously on the offensive, will ignore the call for help from Palestinian children and will find ways to justify Israel's practices of genocides as in "self defense" acts!

        From all this comes out a pattern here as far as the West's attitude toward the Palestinians: The guilt of having started and since abetted the whole ordeal of Zionism's blatant and outrageous campaigns of piracy and pillaging. Helped initially by the Bulldog's empire, the least moral in history, the historical victims (the Zionists) have finally become victimizers themselves. Ravishing a whole land and displacing its inhabitants, in much or less the same manner and with the same ways Europeans (British, French, Spanish, etc.) had done in the so-called New World! Though the Middle East was no new world, the West on defeating the Ottomans had divided their spoils nonetheless amongst them, only to embark on an organized campaign of chasing and hoarding their own Jews to force them to emigrate to the "Old-New promised land," after having laid its grounds for their reception. Since then the support with all means available never came short and without conditions or hesitations. Unwaveringly the West has kept arming Israel to the teeth and the West made sure to be ready anytime Israel needed more help. They ran to its aid anytime they felt Israel was threatened beyond its capacity to respond. Call it the continuation of long fought but never forgotten Crusaders' campaigns, back then when the popes were also kings; call it the revenge of the winners; or call it an advanced base of Westren presence in the heart of the Energy Pool, the Arab lands, by any name and adjective they're determined as hell to keep it going as long as they've the upper hand in world's affairs.

        If the West has been defending Israel's actions, it's because in the final analysis they're also their actions. Israel acted always as their proxy! The tragedy of the Palestinians' cause was to bring two proxies to fight a historical hang-ups' causes or revenges! Far from a Liberation Struggle, the Palestinians' have become symbols of religious strives that pitted Jews against Arabs, Christians against Muslims, etc. It's finally morphed into another front in the wars against terrorism! And the count continues tomorrow perhaps there'll be another war to secure energy needs and thus to preserve civilization. The West may have lost its moral bearings but still in possession of the more effective and devastating organized military machines in history of the world - see what it can do when it effectively reduced Iraq and Afghanistan to the Stone Age, if ever were out of, again, in no time! And they're ready and willing to use that lethal power, not as a last resort, but as a first option anytime there's a skirmish involving Mohicans and barbarians questioning the supremacy of the West.

        Perhaps, the West is more aware of its own historical shortcomings and moral failings. It knows darn well what a slippery slope they'll find themselves on once they have admitted to some of the blemishes that still stain their otherwise burgeoning and creative civilization. The utter arrogance and the stubbornness with which still pursuing the course taken since the 15th century is indicative of deeper discomforts, conscientious uneasiness, and sharp pangs of guilt. All those expeditions and campaigns of exterminations, in the so-called New World, and subjugation and pillaging of most of the rest of the known world was only a beginning to a world domination. What will it take - and how long- to persuade the West that the period of riding on high horses is coming to an end and better leave some seats on the table for the newcomers to share some of the goodies and burdens of this world?

        Out of all the long lists of Western unforgettable and unforgivable sins (from annihilating entire indigenous peoples and settling on their lands in the New World, to slavery, to the colonization of the known world, to the mistreatment of their own religious minorities, Jews in particular, to today's insistence of unilateral managing of the hot spots, etc.) none was as unjustified and as long lasting as the mess created in the Middle East. It's one of those of ever occurring cases, of solving one big mistake by making another outrageous and even bigger mistake. Shipping the Jews from amongst their ranks to Palestine, without any regard to those living there, was the moral equivalent to what took place in North and South America, and Oceania, when were emptied from their inhabitants to make room for the surplus of Europe, with such apparent easiness and blase toward the blight of the people living on those lands.

        In a skewed and warped world order, the small and weak states, such as Libya, have to live constantly under the threat and mercy of the powerful ones. The smaller ones have to make do with the hands they were dealt until they the time they can find a way to overcome their handicaps. Otherwise, to paraphrase Faulkner, if they cannot stay on the horse they've got, they'll have to walk! Perhaps the best course they've is to reason and to cajole with the biggies of this world to come to understand from they come and the issues that concern them most, such as, for example, the blight conditions of a broken people like the Palestinians. But they've also to keep in mind, though, the powerful may understand but are not prone to heed reasoning or even supplications, therefore, the small nations may content themselves it they could water down some of the complicity of the Westren Powers in order to tone down the aggressiveness of theirs or their proxies. After all is said and done, however, small states have to live with the bitter fact that no amount of their reasoning or speechifying, is going to make the hegemonic powers soften their hearts or change their minds.

        Libya neither has the means, beside rhetoric, nor is able to fight the biggies by herself. Such battles need a coalition! Thus taking the high road alone will only make it easier for the wolves to attack. Its behavior, in the UNSC, will not only aggravate further its already precarious reputation and thus will also add to its running current accounts deficits with the West. It's already paid dear for what was bigger than it could handle stands and heedless mouthing. Why then risk paying more? Are all other available or imagined avenues been exhausted? It's well known that effectiveness in an international arena is proportionate more to one's weight and reputation than highfalutin words and empty threats. So, couldn't Libya by toning down some of its rhetoric, and instead focus on bringing some relief to the fallen and bleeding in Gaza, be as, if not more, effective to the suffering of the Palestinians. Why not just remind the holy-than-though crowds that for the "Holy Land" to remain worthy of its name, and for these folks' claims to be taken seriously, they must do more than provide their proxy more of the lethal power it needs. If this "holiness" is more than a notice for evacuation and excuse for ethnic cleansing, then, the Holy Land must be made home, again, to the original inhabitants of Palestine, the Palestinians, who never knew any other land to be a home for them. Though an acceptable solution is becoming more and more like a mirage always in view but unreachable. However, an interim solution can be worked out that will restore some rights to the Palestinians. The West has to give some of its unrelenting support for the state of Israel and the Palestinians have to accept the peaceful coexistence of all those living on that land.


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