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Libyan Writer Ghoma
الكاتب الليبي غـومة

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Friday, 1 June, 2007

The Wrong Libyan Talked With The Wrong Brit
About The Wrong Projects!

By: Ghoma

        An aging and weird looking dictator has just met with an already resigned, on the way out British PR, Tony Blair, to put their final seals of approval on few deals. "The poodle of Bush" can finally bring some beacon home, as they say. BP finally has returned to the land from which it had evacuated itself, partly on its own when it didn't accept the new deal!, so it could also stay in tune with the policies of its home-country, 30 or so years ago. A British-made missile system to shield Libya -from whom?- has been sold. And true to history and/or habit of both states, there must have been some other items on their agenda, which have not been deemed appropriate for public consumption or have not been vetted yet for declassification, by one or the other of the two countries

        All indications seem to point the visit was one-sided. The Brits got perhaps not all what they wanted but few good ones and the Libyans, excuse the expression, got the shaft. Unless Libya considers the return of a multinational such as BP and the buying of some missile system -which by the time it reaches Libya will be watered down to the level of junk- as success. It's also true, as wires have reported, Tony Blair seems to have wished to exit in style - a la her majesty's preferred way!- by asking the Genius-of-Libya to lend him some help with a white horse and few sacrificial lambs, the ones he's been holding (the 5-Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian Doctor) for having dared to take this arduous journey into if not the heart, then, the arse-of-darkness. Sorry Tony! As your generation favorite croons (the Beatles) have long crowed: "You can't always get what you want".

        The distance which separates 10-Downing-Street from THE TENT somewhere in the desert is perhaps eons longer than that which separates the 30-year-break with one of the giants of the oil business, BP, but in this gulf resides the secret of the late 20th-century tortuous history, its turns and twists. It started in the so-called Cold War era and the soft power! And slowly got heated up to end the in raging conflagrations consuming what was left from the other wars. On the political and cultural levels there was no truce either, rhetoric has caught up with the deeds and the results ware catastrophic at least for the weaker side(s). What has happened in the last 30+ years since is a tale summarizing the colliding of two worlds facing each other across space and through time. If we just stay with Libya: A small officer was conspiring in a backwooded country, perhaps under the noses, if not the help, by then a rump of an empire, the Brits' intelligence services, came to bite the hands which allegedly had lent him some help when was needed. Soon after the plot's success, the self-promoted colonel pulled the rug under the shaky empire, closed its military bases and nationalized its Big Company. And lo and behold, the yarn started to get thicker and darker. What the Brits did is still perhaps part of the stuff only Le Carre's and his ilks can venture to imagine and weave. They came back to him in vengeance until they labeled him persona-non-grata and his small turf a rogue and pariah state. Granted that he was dumb enough to fall for the bait by committing the most bizarre and stupid mistakes but it was all in the game, which had been cast long before the colonel had started preening his few feathers.

        The rump-empire with the rising empire are on the move again. This time with the hard-powers and with no excuses, or warnings. The Colonel read the writing on the wall and heeded the message. He gave up whatever little he had just so he can survive. He did survive. But now is the time to pay the piper, time to collect the dues on the favors and promises. All these deals after deals, for no apparent reason. Why Libya needs another multinational, it's plenty of them already? Why Libya needs missiles when it couldn't learn even how to use the klashnickovs, as the war in Chad had proved? The only reasonable answer is the Colonel is paying for his stay in power by laundering money on thingamajigs which sound as something sophisticated and no less needed.

        How can be explained all the attention lately doted on the colonel from both the empires which are wrecking havoc with area. The deputy secretary of state was just there. Then followed by a swarm of minor heads of states from who-knows-where. As strange as it may seem a head of a major power trudging his way around in the desert to meet with a chieftain for 2+hours is not a usual affair, in the mundane politics of the contemporary world, if not for something worth-the-trouble!

        Globalization aside, salesmen always win over politicians. As long as these latter keep talking with both sides of the mouth. Democratization, human rights, rule of law, freedoms, etc. are only slogans often used to camouflage and package the sweet and bitter pills of commercial contracts. Everyone of these powers and countries want some share of the pie- from- the-sky, especially, now, when the oil lands are turning into hell on earth. The best deals were concluded when one side was on its knees. As Libya is trying hard to buy its "God-given-rights" back by money, the sellers are raising the bar up and up, and the game continues.....


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