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Monday, 27 October, 2008

Libyan Policies towards Education and Training

Khaeri Aboushagor

I would like to thank you both Mr & Mrs Zaptia for this great article(*). It is surprising that no comments or reflections on the important issues the article raises have been made (thanks to Sharaf Eddin from Benghazi who posted the only comment so far). When I read an article such as this, I wonder what the educated and highly paid policy makers in Libyan government are doing! Do they realise the urgent need for reforming the education and training sector to accommodate the challenges facing the country and its young people in particular?!

Before you can achieve the tangible results your article is talking about, many of the methods and policies pursued in the past have to be reconsidered. There are important social aspects which have to be tackled and a huge effort to be undertaken to resolve them. It is not impossible to start a process of providing the right environment to transform the society to a stage where only those who demonstrated talent and competence through past actions or by competition alone are rewarded rather than through cronyism or favourism.

This requires members of society to be taught, sometimes from scratch, that hard work combined with expanding their abilities and acquiring more knowledge forms the basis to eligibility for reward and for success in life and nothing else. People need to feel they have a common stake in the prosperity of their community and society which becomes in their own interest to work for, protect and look after. They need to have self-respect, a sense of satisfaction and an empowerment that paves the way for them to be creative, productive and beneficial to themselves, their families and society. I can highlight few issues which should be addressed or improved if they exist:

• Clear and transparent regulations and rules
• Incentives, benefits and compensations based on performance alone
• Encouraging people to have a keen interest in developing themselves
• Giving people more choices and help in achieving their well though-of objectives
• Fair and transparent access to the resources provided by the state

Khaeri Aboushagor

(*) The Tripoli Post: Libya Needs to Declare WAR on Its Damaging Education, Training & Skills Problems
By Sami Zaptia and Yolanda Zaptia

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