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Libyan Writer Dr. Fathi al-Akkari
الكاتب الليبي الدكتور فتحي العكاري

Dr. Fathi Akkari

Sunday, 23 November, 2008

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The Love of Libya (5)

Dr Fathi Akkari

The love of Libya is the love of the motherland, our homeland. It is the truest and long lasting love in the hearts of those who value our historical traditions, treasures, and values. Wherever one across the Libyan landscape, he/she will meet people who are proud of their history, heritage and way of life. In this article I will look into some of the Libyan details in relation to the Libyan way of life, costumes, and traditions. They are small things that the Libyans love and keep on doing in their everyday’s life.

I will start by a book that I bought at Tripoli airport few years ago, its title is LIBYAN DETAILS. I recommend that you buy it if you can, especially if you do not live in Libya but Libya is still part of you.

Libyan details

This is a collection of photographs made by the Libyan photographer Mr Mustafa Mohamed Abd-Altif. He was born in Hoon in 1964.

The first Libyan detail that one notices in Libya is the generous hospitality of its people and that is normally expressed in the form of a traditional meal. It can be couscous, bazeen or eftatt for example as seen in picture no 1.

Picture no.1 eftatt a Libyan traditional dish

Gathering around a meal in Libya with friends or family represents the value of unity and other values rather than the food itself. We say the blessing is in the gathering.

Picture no.2 a nice evening meal in a farm near the seaside in Benghazi

During that evening picture no.2 we were lucky to have a dear friend with us, Mr Omar Abdel Aziz seen in red shirt. He is a blind, highly educated proud man, fluent in Arabic poetry and computer applications. He is behind the efforts to make computers accessible to the blind in the Arab world. Normally Libyans leave most of the discussions till they end the meal, more accurately, at the start of the traditional green tea after the meal. It is a special joy having a cup of green tea after a heavy Libyan meal. Picture no.3 and no.4 tell the story.

Picture no. 3 the book of Libyan details

Picture no.4 the book of Libyan details

One of the famous Libyan fruits in summertime is watermelon. Libyans are expert in assessing how ripe is a watermelon, this is done by squeezing the watermelon from the outside before cutting it, or cut open before the purchase if in doubt as seen in picture no.5.

Picture no.5 Libyan details

Summertime in Libya is normally celebration time where most of the weddings take place. It is usually a unique joyful and breathtaking experience. Little girls enjoy it more than young boys normally do as a lot of the ceremony is specifically designed to make it a lovable experience for mothers to be. Picture no.6 details a spectrum of henna patterns on girls.

Picture no.6 Libyan details

Dates from palm trees in Libya, are enjoyed all over the year as a common food, and fruit by all age groups. Palm trees are the trustworthy companion in Libyan deserts. Picture no.7 shows the care a Libyan will take towards a palm tree.

Picturno.7 Libyan details

Many Libyans are fond of politics, but for the majority the interest ends at listening and gossiping, as we can see in picture no. 9.

Picture no.9 Libyan details

One of the most important values in Libyan life is the religious attitude of all generations but clearly with the elderly in specific, as seen in picture no.8.

Picture no. 8 Libyan details

I hope it was informative hoping to meet again on the Love of Libya.

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