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Libyan Writer Dr. Fathi al-Akkari
الكاتب الليبي الدكتور فتحي العكاري

Dr. Fathi Akkari

Friday, 9 May, 2008

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The Love of Libya (2)

Dr Fathi Akkari

People are naturally attracted to their birth place, especially if they lived there for a few years. It is the place where they felt love, and care. The aim of this article is to bring Libya closer to young Libyan generations who lived most of their lives abroad and speak English more than Arabic. One might ask; what am I missing when living abroad? To show what you are missing I will talk about the natural beauty of spring time in some parts of Libya.

The Beauty of Libyan Spring

In Libya, the beauty of nature is connected with many features, namely; green areas, water resources, desert landscape, seaside and mountains. But nothing can match the beauty of the spring season especially if the winter was generous with rain fall by the grace of Allah. This year, 2008, I was lucky to travel across most of the Libyan coast where fascinating scenes captured my heart. On the road linking Darna to Al- Marej you can see spring flowers covering the green hills on 24th of March 2008.

Normally, camels are not seen in the green mountain area, they are commonly found to the east or the south of it. This year a few camels were having a treat in the cool, beautiful, grazing green hills.

During the same week in Soug Assabet area, just behind Tripoli international airport I visited the farm of my brother in law. I have never imagined such splendid beauty of wild flowers, sunshine and warm weather. The temperature was 28 degrees and the dazzling colours are captured in these pictures.

The following day we decided to go for a tour in Gherian through Alorban area where we saw a lonely placed three storey tower of a Roman or an ancient Libyan looking over the surrounding fields. It was nicely decorated but is now neglected.

At the southern entrance to Gherian the land was covered with a beautiful natural carpet of flowers. The city was well built and the streets were clean and empty because it was Friday 28th of March and everybody was either preparing to go to the mosque or going on a picnic in the surrounding hills.

Being on a farm one cannot escape the close encounter with proud free Libyan birds. In this farm there is no chicken house and the chickens wander freely during the day time and sleep on the trees at night. One has to search all over the farm looking for eggs. This is what I call free range eggs.

Spring season carries pleasant moments filled with hope and happiness. It is an old Libyan tradition to pray for a gentle winter and a rainy spring to the point where they say” The rain of March is valued as pure gold”, It saves the year’s wheat crop. Libyans used to rely on their produce for their living. The younger generation meets the spring with a big smile saying”Plan for a better tomorrow but live Today”. This is true because without Today one will have no tomorrow. It will be only in our dreams.

While we enjoy the beautiful scenes, we should remember those who planted these olive trees more than fifty years ago. At that time there were no cars or machinery.It all relied on human effort, endurance and people power. In some parts, Libyans were made to work for free in Italian farms and projects. For most of the older generations, the love of Libya was built and planted through hundreds of years of struggle, patience and sacrifices. It was nourished with tears and blood. It did not come easy. May Allah accept their good deads and help us to value highly our history, our homeland, and our people wherever we are.

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