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Libyan Writer Dr. Ali Abdellatif Ahmida

Dr. Ali Ahmida

Sunday, 2 October, 2004

Dr. Ali Ahmida's New Book: Forgotten Voices

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Political Science / History / Middle-East Studies

"Ahmida has delivered to us a timely and insightful intellectual gift. His monograph not only delineates the main pitfalls of both the colonial and nationalist projects in Libya's encounter with the difficult task of transformation but also turns our attention to the complex intersection of context and volition in the movement of social time. This is a notable contribution to Libyan as well as development studies."

-Ahmed Samatar, James Wallace Professor and Dean, International Studies and Programming, Macalester College.

"Ali Ahmida is in the forefront of the new social history in this field, integrating the early modern history with the modern history and the state-centered narratives with the subaltern ones. Given the importance of the subject of Libyan history and, at the same time, its quite unexplained neglect, the present work will fill a major gap."

-Peter Gran, Professor of History, Temple University

In Forgotten Voices, Ali Abdullatif Ahmida employs archival research, oral interviews and comparative analysis to rethink the history of colonial and nationalist categories and analyses of modern Libya. He explores the ambiguities, failures, and silences manufactured by current colonial and nationalist scholarships, and he presents the voices of the Libyan people as they have confronted contradictions of modernity, the nation-state, and alienation in the contemporary nation. Forgotten Voices analyzes the context of power and human agency to capture the complex social history of Libyan peasants, tribesmen, women, slaves, and victims of fascist concentration camps in their diverse strategies for survival.

Ali Abdullatif Ahmida is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of New England.

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